Why Choose Pathways Recovery Center Treatment?

Our treatment facility is staffed with professional men and women who have over 150 years of combined clean time from drugs and alcohol and are equipped with the tools to help you overcome the battle of addiction. We understand that seemingly hopeless state of addiction and what it means to take those first few steps into the waking of a new dawn. With our clinical experience and our passion for restoring lives, we have established the fundamental basics that are necessary to help pave the way of your personal journey to a new way of life. PATHWAYS Recovery Center of South Florida gives our patients evidence-based and holistic therapies that are held in an intimate and private setting. We specialize in treating alcohol/drug addiction and contribute to underlying issues regarding special cases, such as bi-polar, anxiety, depression, trauma, attention deficit and borderline personality disorders. Among our team, are the most highly skilled therapist, interventionist, psychiatrist and behavioral techs that are in this specified field. We are compassionate and caring to the patients individual treatment and are trained with the newest advances in alcohol/drug addiction treatment. From being in the business of saving lives we have seen hope replace despair; healing replace brokenness; and peace replace suffering. Let the process of healing begin with us.

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12 Steps

We combine individual treatment with a 12-Step program that best suits the client's needs.


Our goal is to minimize or eradicate the negative impact substance abuse has on our citizens; locally, nationally and internationally.

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