Laura Dougherty

Laura is our Quality Assurance and Human Resources Director. She is in charge of training. and is one of the staff that spends the most time with our clients. Laura has been sober almost ten years, since November 24, 2005. She is a Certified Addiction Specialist, and has worked in the field of recovery for over 2 years now. Prior to her work in the field of addiction, Laura worked in Management for a major corporation for eight years. After Laura felt secure in her own recovery, she knew she had to switch careers, and work with addicts/alcoholics, as it gave real purpose to her work. Her love for the recovering individual is enormous. She loves taking part in the beginning of their journey and believes clients are our number 1 priority. She always makes sure they are comfortable, understood and treated with love, respect, and kindness. Laura will tell you that other than her own recovery, and working in the field, the loves of her life are her daughter and granddaughters. She loves spending time with them when not at work. While at work she treats both staff and clients with that same motherly/grandmotherly love. Pathways feels very lucky to have her with us, and all that she brings with her to our company.

12 Steps

We combine individual treatment with a 12-Step program that best suits the client's needs.


Our goal is to minimize or eradicate the negative impact substance abuse has on our citizens; locally, nationally and internationally.

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