Wendy Kahn PLC

Wendy Kahn has worked in the field of addiction for the past 25 years. In that time she has worked with Community outreach programs, Drug free workplace training, admissions, Intervention, and therapy. She has owned her own successful business, and is devoted to this work. Her goal is to provide help and guidance to clients, and their families, navigating through the mental health system. She is passionate about removing the stigma about mental illness in our country, as well as helping clients move through the system with ease. Personally Wendy was introduced to the program of recovery 28 years ago. She went through a 30 day program where she learned about addiction and the 12 steps of recovery. While in treatment, Wendy also learned why she had been using, and what her triggers were. She dealt with many childhood issues and trauma, and learned she was medicating that pain. Ten years after her treatment for addiction, she entered another treatment center to deal with an eating disorder, which really took hold of her after she had put down the drugs and alcohol. Her journey has been nothing short of amazing. Never could she have imagined the life she has had in recovery. She understands the disease from every perspective. As the addict, as the recovering addict, and as a mother.

12 Steps

We combine individual treatment with a 12-Step program that best suits the client's needs.


Our goal is to minimize or eradicate the negative impact substance abuse has on our citizens; locally, nationally and internationally.

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